Greatly looking forward to meeting my EPTA Kent colleagues in Maidstone this Sunday, 20 January 2019 at 3pm, by kind courtesy of Nancy Litten. All the eye for ideas publications will be on display at very special prices and I hope all attending will have a lot of fun!...

New Cover for ‘Crazy Crotchets & Quirky Quavers’

Response has been immediate to this; sales resulted from last week’s MusicExpo, so all in all it must be a good thing! What is different? Not much, really, but the additional punchy copy makes the actions and the fun of the duets clearer....

My Piano, My Body and Me – Book 2

After much deliberation, research and a lot of fun writing it, I have just taken the completed Book 2 for final artwork to be prepared. A similar mixture of instruction and practice pieces, it should be ready very early in 2018. More details to follow!

Spartan Press on Tour!

Lovely to see Mark (and of course Helga and Alfie) here in Rodborough Common on Sunday to Monday. Poppy enjoyed the canine company too!